The Montessori education philosophy is successfully used throughout the world for children of all ages.

Montessori education is concerned with the development of the whole child. This encompasses the child’s physical, mental and social development, regarding them as inseparable. It is an ordered, secure environment prepared by the Teacher to meet the individual and group needs of each child.

Children of mixed age groups and of different abilities work side by side in the same environment. The usual age groupings are 3 to 6, 6 to 9 and 9 to 12 years approximately, although this can vary somewhat depending on circumstances.

Montessori is a Philosophy and a Method of Education which emphasises the potential by utilising specially trained teachers and special teaching materials. Montessori recognises in the child a natural curiosity and desire to learn; the Montessori materials awaken this desire and channel curiosity into a learning experience which the child enjoys.

The carefully Prepared Environment and the individual positive approach of the Teacher help the child perfect all natural tools for learning. These range from concentration, self esteem, co-ordination, independence and self discipline etc. to the ability to use scissors, control a pencil, greet a visitor, enjoy group activities etc. As a result the child’s ability will be at a maximum in future learning situations.

Children work at their own pace, thus avoiding competition, and at their own level, giving the child a unique opportunity to fulfill his/her own potential.

Montessori recognises your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.