dscn1610Schools and early childhood services are regularly reviewed by the Education Review Office. They evaluate centres based on the question: How well placed is [this centre] to promote positive learning outcomes for children?

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Some quotes from our latest review:

“Children’s sense of belonging is nurtured when settling into the centre and moving on to school. Teachers support parents to settle children according to their needs.”

“Teachers establish a culture in which children are valued and affirmed for who they are and what they bring to their learning.”

“Children are confident and play cooperatively. They learn in an atmosphere that is calm and peaceful.”

“Teachers view each family’s knowledge of their child as an important contribution to the centre’s learning community.”

“Montessori foundations give priority to ‘Intellect, grace and courtesy and independence’ in the curriculum. This focus is evident through confident, welcoming, positive interactions between adults, children and their peers.”


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